Mentoring Our Youth

The Importance Of Mentoring

SBF provides mentoring to our youth because sharing positive values can help young people avoid negative behavior and achieve success. Statistics show that a child whose parent is incarcerated has a greater chance of psychological strain, antisocial behavior, suspension or expulsion from school, economic hardship, and criminal activity. Therefore we become involved in youths everyday lives to provide stability, build trust, and cultivate their thinking. Parents are strongly encouraged to ask questions and engage in their child’s involvement with our foundation. We believe the best way for our initiative to be successful is for the entire family to become involved.

Get Involved Today. Become a Mentor

One of the simplest ways to help us reach our youth is by becoming a mentor. If you can offer the 5 C’s of positive youth development: competence, connection, compassion, character, and confidence, we would love to hear from you.