Soaring Beyond Foundation

Together We Are Building Up Our Youth Who Have Been Impacted By Having An Incarcerated Parent

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Our Mission

Our mission at SBF is to reduce the shame and social stigma associated with having an incarcerated parent. We will partner with the community to advocate for youth that are struggling to fill that parent-child bond by mentoring, positively impacting and becoming involved.


What We Do



The Impact It Makes

Mentoring has a positive effect on youth by connecting them to someone who can help them deal with the challenges of everyday life. Quality mentoring helps develop character, self esteem, and gives hope.

Encouraging Social Interactions

One Youth At A Time

Social Interactions for youths help  build relationships, promote communication skills, and expose them to a variety of cultural activities. This helps with raising a generation of acceptance and diversity.

Community Involvement

Why Engage Our Youth?

Involving young people with community involvement brings awareness to their city and builds a sense of humility. They learn life skills and become knowledgeable about the community they reside in and the people they serve.